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Laps not Apps

  Touchscreen devices are no substitute for books in the early years -- Your child will grow up never knowing a world without smartphones and tablets.   Already, devices in little hands are becoming the norm.   But at what cost developmentally?   There has been a lot of talk about the dangers of excessive smartphone use among teenagers, but very little said about the equally concerning trend towards overuse by the youngest among us.   Given the explosion of touchscreen applications (apps) for toddlers and preschoolers, it may be time to have that conversation.   App or lap?   It’s your decision. Apps on touchscreen devices: a burgeoning market for an easy target Creators of digital learning apps and games are positively giddy with the possibilities of marketing their products to parents of young children.   Exhausted parents are easy prey.   But more than that, what parent can’t be convinced that these apps provide learning opportunities, or a head-start with the technology
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Kindergarten, Here I Come!

A regular reading habit gets your child ready for school -- By the time a child starts kindergarten, he will have passed through a great many developmental milestones.   The vast majority of children arrive with the foundational skills they need to start their learning journey.  However, to ensure that all children come to school ready to learn, many school districts across the country assess kindergarten readiness upon entry, to identify those children who may benefit from some extra help.  Charleston County uses The Developmental Indicators for the Assessment of Learning™, Fourth Edition (DIAL™-4) .   This screening tool targets five key developmental areas: motor , language , concepts , social-emotional, and self-help .  It provides guideposts for what children should know, and the skills they should have, to hit the ground running. The sooner developmental concerns are flagged, and supports put in place, the more likely a child is to catch up and keep on track.  Click here