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Reading is the Accessible, Low-Tech Solution to Overcoming the Pandemic Learning Gap

The closure of schools, day cares, and early childhood programming due to the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting many young children in the Lowcountry, and low-income communities are being impacted disproportionately.     The economic hardship created by the pandemic is compounded when families have to do without the vital resources that pre-schools and childcare centers provide.   And the longer these closures and programming disruptions continue, the greater the potential learning losses. Low-income children risk being left behind It is well accepted that poverty and inequality contribute to achievement gaps between children from different socio-economic households.   Performance disparities take root well before children enter kindergarten and do not go away.   The best way to lessen this gap for vulnerable children is through high-quality pre-kindergarten and early childhood programming.   These programs often provide an additional safety net, like nutritious meals, essential servic