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It's the Love of Books that Counts

Read to Your Child in any Language -- As a parent, you are your child’s first and most important teacher!   For some, this may sound like an overwhelming responsibility.   But providing your child with an enriched home environment for learning is much easier than you may think.   Did you know that just having books in your home already gives your child an advantage?   The presence of books in the home, enhanced by establishing a regular reading practice, is associated with better learning outcomes for children in the early grades and beyond.    By sending you a book in the mail every month, BEGIN WITH BOOKS creates a little library right in your own home and allows your child to begin developing the early skills she will need to eventually learn to read and write.   Perhaps you did not have books in your home growing up, nor a parent or caregiver who read to you regularly.   You have the opportunity to turn that around for your own child and give her an advantage that you