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Fathers Matter

A regular reading habit makes for stronger father-child relationships -- Fathers play a pivotal role in the lives of their children.  Having a supportive father is a gift to a child and sets him up on a successful life path.  However, being an involved, responsible father is not always easy.  It can be particularly difficult for men who did not grow up with a father in their own lives.  And unfortunately, societal messages that raising children is women’s work still run deep.  While it’s true that fathers today are more involved than in previous generations, men still face barriers to responsible fatherhood at all levels of society.  These barriers can become overwhelming when you factor in unemployment, low education, poor health, legal battles, incarceration, and the like.  The father role is just too important for the well-being of children to not invest in helping these men become the best fathers they can be. Father to Father helps fathers and their families in the Lowcountry On