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Why This Book and Why Now?

Long before they enter a classroom, children are developing the crucial knowledge and skills they will need to learn to read and write.  The importance of reading to young children early and often in building these foundational skills cannot be overstated.   But how to know what books are right at your child’s age or developmental stage?   Thanks to BEGIN WITH BOOKS and Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, an age-appropriate book is at your fingertips each and every month.   Here’s a look at five representative Imagination Library books – and why they’re perfect for your child right now. Baby! Talk! , Penny Gentieu (under 1 year) This delightful board book hits all the right markers developmentally for babies in their first year.  Visual acuity, verbal skills, and attention spans are developing rapidly and vary greatly in these first 12 months and from one baby to the next.  Having photographs rather than illustrations means that younger babies do