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The World is a Book: The Importance of Environmental Print in Children's Early Literacy Development

What is environmental print? Environmental print is the print we see all around us, indoors and outdoors, that is meant to give us information.   It is found in all sorts of different forms – signs, signals, symbols, labels, logos – and can include words or pictures or both. Examples of print found outdoors in our communities: Signs along our roads and highways – street names, speed limits, STOP, Yield, One-Way, Do Not Enter, (No) Parking, Crosswalks, Bus Stops, etc. Signs for road work or construction - Work Zone, Detour Ahead, etc. Signs in parks or along trails - Stay off Grass, No Dogs, Pick up after your Dog, No Trespassing, Private Property, etc. For-sale or rent signs on front lawns Names on storefronts and buildings – hospitals, libraries, museums, hotels, diners, restaurants, bakeries, cafes, boutiques and box stores, etc. Advertisements - billboards, bus shelters, buses, taxi cabs, etc. On vehicles and transportation – police, fire, ambulance, trucks, freight trains,